Can I use a generic county clerk name for an LFO billing return address?

Yes. Create an Official record for a generic county clerk. Then use the Court Profile Maintenance (CPFM) screen to set this generic official to be the presiding official of the court.

Create an AM Type Official record for a generic county clerk.

  1. Sign on to JIS as an Administrator (AM).
  2. Go to the Official & Organization Add (OFOA) screen.
  3. Fill out the screen.
  • For name, type XXXX County Clerk where XXXX is the County name (Example:  Spokane County Clerk).
  • Type the court's address, city, state, and zip code in the fields provided.
  • In the Official Type field, type AM.
  • In the Official Initials field, type a set of initials that does not belong to anyone in your court.
  • Press <ENTER>.

Use CPFM to set this generic county clerk as the court's presiding official.

  1. Go to the CPFM screen.
  2. In the Presiding Official Initials field, type the initials for the generic official you just created.
  3. Press <ENTER>.


  • The name of the county clerk on the LFO billing statements is the name of the person whose initials are in the Presiding Official field of CPFM.
  • The address of the county clerk is the COURT's address as entered on the Official & Organization (OFO) screen for the court.  Contact the AOC Customer Services at (800) 442-2169, Option 3, to change this address.

For more information about the Official & Organization screen, see Officials and Organizations in the JIS Online Manual.

For more information about the CPFM screen, see the Help windows on CPFM or the CPFM documentation in the JIS Online Manual.

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