I keep getting timed out in JIS applications.  Is there any way to extend the length of time I can remain in the system before being timed out?

The time-out limit is set globally by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) for security purposes and to best utilize computer resources.  If an application is unused for a certain amount of time, the user is automatically logged off.  The time-out limit for each application is shown in the chart below.

 ApplicationAccess Time Before Timing Out
 TPX Menu 30 Minutes
 JIS, JUVIS, SCOMIS 60 Minutes
 ACORDS 4 Hours
 Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) 60 Minutes

If you are being timed out sooner than indicated in the above chart, please check with your Information Technology (IT) department or other technical resources for the city or county computer system to which you are connected.  It is possible that the network management for your system has imposed stricter time-outs than those imposed by the AOC.

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