Can different counties use the same SCOMIS case number?

Yes.  Counties can and do use the same SCOMIS case number.  The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) uses a utility program to generate SCOMIS case numbers for each county.  The last number of each case is called a "check digit."  The formula used by the AOC to generate SCOMIS numbers was set up so that geographically adjacent counties would not share the same check digit and King County would have a unique check digit statewide.

Case numbers in adjacent counties will occasionally match when the check digit is one (1).  However, the combination of the county name/number with the case number and check digit makes a unique identifier for each case.  The county/court name is shown on the SCOMIS and JIS page title lines of the report.  Refer to the Court ID codes section of the JIS Code Manual for a complete listing of court ID codes and county numbers.  

RN id: 841