How can I prevent the odd characters from appearing on the SCOMIS Calendar printout for cases that have other cases consolidated with them?

This is a keyboard mapping issue for the PC used to send the calendar to print. 

When a consolidated case is listed on a SCOMIS calendar, the case numbers should display with dashes between the case number fields (e.g., 02-3-00001-9).  If the keyboard initiating the Send Report function has the wrong mapping for the dash character, it will print out on the hard copy as a double "TT" which causes difficulty reading the case numbers. 

You may want to remap the keyboard to use the correct dash character.  Refer to the application Help file for Host explorer for complete instructions on mapping the keyboard.  (The correct character string for the dash is 45,0x2D.)  Or, see answer: Remap a keyboard using Host Explorer.

Note:  In BlueZone, no keyboard remapping is allowed or required because the dash (-) in both locations (number pad and keyboard) is automatically pre-set to be the same symbol.  See Answer ID: Converting a CV person record to an IN record  for more detail about the dash difference in Host Explorer.)

Alternatively, you may edit the consolidated case numbers in SCOMIS on the Basic screen to have blanks in between the fields.  If you use blanks, the printed version will also have blanks (e.g., 02 3 00001 9) making the calendar report more readable.

RN id: 806