When I run the caseload report, there is an exception message regarding cases with a finding/judgment of V (vacated):  "INVALID CASELOAD TYPE OR ISSUE DISP. CODE, OR NOT CATEGORIZED ON CHARGES COMPLAINTS DISPOSED (SECTION II - D1 TO D4B)."  Does the caseload report not recognize or count these cases?

The Criminal Charges/Complaints Disposed section of the Caseload Report (II-4) does not count cases with certain finding/judgment or issue disposition codes.  Vacated (V) is one code that is not counted.  Others that are not counted are bound over (BO), change of venue (CV), and other deferral (OD).  The exception message you received is a generic message that is generated for ANY case not counted because of a particular finding/judgment code.  Review the case to be sure it has the appropriate finding/judgment code recorded and, if so, disregard the error message.  Refer to the JIS Online Manual, Caseload Report topic, for more information.

RN id: 802