Why does an interpreter, who is a participant in a criminal case, appear on the ORDA screen?

All IN-type participants on a case are listed on the Order Add (ORDA) screen.  This means that an interpreter who is added to a case as an IN-type person and participant would show on ORDA.  When issuing an order on ORDA, record a Decision only for the parties named in the order.   Leave the Decision field blank for any party not named in the order; this would include an interpreter, witness, restitution recipient, payer, or any other IN-type of person associated with the case.

The decision code "D" (denied) is used only in Protection-type Orders when a party is named in the order and denied protection.  This Decision code is not valid in criminal No Contact Orders.

  1. When you press F10 to complete the processing of an order but have not recorded a decision for all parties, the system issues a warning message "More parties available for order(s) or press PF12 to exit."   
  2. The correct response to this message in this situation is to press PF12. 
  3. The system gives another message "Press PF12 again to discard current changes."   
  4. Press PF12 again.  
  5. The system takes you out of the ORDA screen.  Your order is processed and includes only the parties with a decision recorded.


RN id: 796