When you expunge a defendant from a CLJ case on JIS, does the name/case stay anywhere that could be accessed?  I realize the case is always on JIS and the defendant's name is changed to "expunged," but I was told that it is possible the name/case still remained on the name case index or other indexes.

Expunged names are not retained on any index or in the Data Warehouse. When a defendant name is expunged from a case in JIS, the name on the case in JIS and the name in the Data Warehouse associated with that case are changed to "Name Expunged by Court Order."   If the defendant has other cases, the name may appear on the index and on history screens for those other cases.  After expungement, any free-form or system references to the name in the Case Docket are not removed (e.g., reference in the docket about a receipt from the person or a refund check issued to the person).  Refer to the JIS Online Manual, Expunge Party topic, for more information.

RN id: 776