In SCOMIS, what is the difference between a weighted, unweighted, and alpha name search?  SEARCH TYPE:  (U=UNWEIGHTED, W=WEIGHTED, A=ALPHA LIST).

In SCOMIS on the Search Index screen, three types of searches are offered (U = Unweighted, W = Weighted, and A = Alpha List). The default search type is Weighted.   Here is a brief description of these search types.

Weighted or Unweighted Search

  • The Weighted or Unweighted search options can find nicknames or names with spelling variations because they are phonetic.
  • The Weighted or Unweighted search options ignore punctuation, special characters (e.g., &,^,@, #, $, %, *, -, +, =), common words (e.g., the, and, or), and embedded spaces (e.g., Van Gough, La Center) in a name.
  • In the Weighted Search, each name found is given a weight that indicates how closely it matches the search name. 100 is the highest possible weight and represents an exact match.  Names found are listed beginning on page one in descending order by weight. If multiple names have the same weight, they are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • In the Unweighted Search, the names found display in alphabetical order beginning with the page that contains the EXACT MATCH to the name entered. Press F7 to page back and F8 to page forward in the alphabetical list to view all found names.

Alpha List Search

  • The Alpha List search option may not find nicknames or spelling variations because it is not a phonetic search.
  • The Alpha List search option does not ignore punctuation, special characters, embedded spaces, or common words in a name.
  • The Alpha List search option will allow a search for a partial name (e.g., BL finds all last names beginning with BL).
  • The names found display in alphabetical order beginning with the search name. If the search finds more than 50 pages, only the first 50 pages display and MORE displays in the upper right corner, under the page count.  To display the next 50 pages of results, navigate to page 50 and press F8.

For additional information, download the JIS-Link Manual in Adobe® PDF format from the JIS-Link page of the Washington Courts Website or use the Help windows on the Search Index screen.

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