Can a user from one limited jurisdiction court be given update JIS security in another court?

Yes.  For limited jurisdiction court users, it is not necessary for the cross-court user to have a separate RACF ID.  An Administrator (AM-type user) in a court can create an official record and assign JIS security to that official using the Official/Organization Add (OFOA) and Authorization Add/Overrides (ATHA/ATHX) screens.  Those security authorizations can include update access to whichever JIS screens are appropriate for the specific cross-court user.  However, this user's RACF ID cannot be entered on the ATHA/ATH screen for the new court if it is already on the ATH screen in their original court. 

A cross-court user will be listed on the Active User List that can be requested from the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services.  However, because such cross-courts users do not have a separate RACF ID, they will not be included on a User List submitted from the RACFADMN utility. 

A cross-court user's ability to print reports or access the print domains of the other court is limited.  But if reporting or printing functionality is needed, please fill out a change user request located on the Manage JIS User IDs online page. 

There is no audit issue as long as the other court has agreed to a cross-court employee having update access.  If there is any concern about the employee misusing the system or a question of who entered information on a case, the AOC can run audit logs to track this.

Refer to the JIS Online Manual - Administrative Tasks, Officials & Organizations and Security sections for detailed information, instructions, and demonstrations on adding or modifying official records and security.

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