The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) says it has no record of a case, but the case is under DOC supervision.

Superior courts using the Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) billing application have experienced problems when the DOC loads a billing status code onto the Case Obligation Status (COS) screen that indicates there is No Data at DOC for the case (code = NDC), and yet the court has evidence that the offender is (or has been) supervised by the DOC.  The problem may be caused by a confusion of names and/or case numbers.  The court can attempt to correct this problem with the following steps:

  1. Find the offender on the DOC's Offender Management Network Information (OMNI) system.  Note the Washington State Criminal ID (SID) number.
  2. On the obligor's JIS Individual Information (PER) screen, erase the DOC number (if present).
  3. Type the SID number found in OMNI in the SID number field on the PER screen.
  4. The next time the DOC uploads data to the AOC, the DOC number will be uploaded based on a match with the SID number and the DOC should load a billing status code that is more accurate than NDC.

Refer to the JIS Online Manual, LFO Billing Case Information topic, for more information.

For more information about the DOC upload of PIN numbers, see the JIS Online Manual documentation about the Department of Corrections Link and the DOC Upload Exception Report.

RN id: 740