How do I modify who will receive notification of infraction hearings (a notice) or other calendar settings in courts of limited jurisdiction?

If you have update security, the Hearing Type - Inquiry/Update (HRT) command will allow you to modify who receives a notice of infraction hearing or other calendar setting.  Complete the following steps:

  1. On the HRT screen, erase the 'X' in the field titled, "Issue no notices" so they will be prepared.
  2. On the Hearing Print Options (HPO) screen:
    • Change the 'N' to 'Y' in the field under the column titled, "Issue Notice".
    • Erase the 'X' from the default field titled, "Issue no notice."

Refer to the JIS Online Manual, Hearing Type Codes and Hearing Print Options Screen topics of the Calendaring section, for more information.

RN id: 735