How do I request that the subsections of an RCW be added to the statewide law table (FPSU) in JIS?  The basic law is in FPSU, but it is not specific enough to reference the law's subsections. 

  1. Check the legislative Web site ( to be sure the law and subsections you need are effective on the violation date of the charge.

  2. Check FPSU to make sure the law's subsections are not already in the system.  Use the Inquire action to check for the basic law and use paging keys (F7/F8) to check both sides of the law.  Also check for valid effective dates in the FROM and THRU date fields.  See the JIS Online Manual, Fine/Penalty (FPSU) topic, for detailed instructions.

  3. To submit your request to AOC, please access Inside Courts. In the Navigation Menu, select: Court Resources; Court Management; under Law Tables, click on Law Table Request Form. Please complete the form and select: "Submit Law Table Request Form".

  4. The AOC Court Services staff will evaluate the request (usually the same day it is received) and notify you via e-mail to let you know if the subsections were added in FPSU or not.

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