How do I record a PCN number on a superior court criminal or juvenile offender case?

The PCN is recorded on the SCOMIS Charge screen in the PCN field as illustrated below.
PCN Field

When the screen is processed (i.e., press ENTER), the PCN is transferred by the system to a NOTEPCN entry at the end of the list of charges.  This entry is assigned a count number of 901 as illustrated below.
Count Number Assigned

As additional PCN numbers are recorded for the case, additional NOTEPCN entries are made and sequentially numbered beginning with 902. 

When a PCN is recorded, case information is transmitted to the Washington State Patrol (WSP).  Refer to the online SCOMIS Manual, Prepare SCOMIS Labels/Reports topic, for more information and a sample of the WASIS Disposition Transfer Report that lists the case information transmitted to the WSP. 

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