How do I match the Judicial Information System (JIS) true name with the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) true name but keep connections for correct history data?  A DOL record shows the JIS AKA name as the DOL True Name and the JIS person record has other AKA records already attached.

JIS Person Business Rules require that the true name in JIS match the name in DOL.  If the DOL name is an AKA name in JIS, the court should break the AKA links in JIS and reestablish them with the DOL name as the True Name.  When names are linked in a True/AKA relationship, cases filed on all linked names display on case history screens (DCH/ICH) in JIS. 

  1. Make a screen print of each page of the AKA screen that currently exists for the JIS person.  You will need the name codes (IN numbers) of each name to correctly reestablish the AKA links.
  2. Use the AKA command to break (delete) any AKA links that currently exist for the JIS person.  
  3. Use the AKA command with the correct True Name person's Name Code in the Navigator NmCd field and re-connect each AKA name to that one True Name record.
Please Note:  If the DOL number has changed to a newly formatted number (e.g., from LASTNFM123RR to WDL12345XXXX), a new person record should NOT be created and attached as an AKA.  Simply update the number on the True Name record that matches the DOL record.  You will now be able to see a history of the DOL numbers in JIS on the Individual Information (PER) screen if you press <F3> on that field, as well as in a history section of the JABS ADR.

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If you have any question about applying the Person Business Rules in a particular instance, please contact the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services by one of the following methods:

  • Use eService Center and select Topic: Case Management.  Enter your question in the Question Data area and click Submit to AOC.  You will receive a reply via e-mail, which will be stored under your My Stuff tab for future reference.
  • Call Customer Services: (800) 442-2169 and select Option 3.

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