Can I change the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) on a filed citation?

When the LEA can be changed:
If there has not been accounting or Plea/Sentence (PLS) screen activity, the LEA can be changed on the Non-Civil Case Update (NCC) screen.  If the filing LEA is changed, the officer's badge number on NCC may no longer be accurate and may cause an error.  You may need to erase the badge number on NCC and add the officer as a case participant using the CSPA process or enter the officer's badge number that matches the LEA.

Refer to the JIS Online Manual, Update A Case Filing and Maintain Case Participants topics, for more information.

When the LEA cannot be changed:
Once there has been any accounting activity or entries on the Plea/Sentence (PLS) screen, the LEA cannot be changed.  This is because the LEA for a case determines the jurisdiction to which case revenue will be remitted and also how the charge dispositions are reported to the Washington State Department of Licensing and the Washington State Patrol.

For assistance in this situation, please contact the AOC Customer Services and select Topic 3. Case Management, or call (800) 442-2169, Option 3.

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