How do I change a court staff's JIS security authorizations?

Only court administrators and site coordinators can assign or request different levels of access to information in the Judicial Information System (JIS). The user's level of access to JIS screens, tables, case types, and utility functions is established in JIS on the Authorization Override (ATHX) screen.  See the JIS Online Manual, Security topic, for complete information, instructions, and demonstrations.

To request a change in the applications that the user is able to access, submit a Change User Request form using the following method:

  1. Open "INSIDE WASHINGTON COURTS" extranet site.
  2. Open "Court Resources" and click on "Court Management."
  3. On the right side, click on Manage JIS User IDs to request new User IDs or changes to existing IDs.
  4. Refer to the JIS Online Manual, Security--RACFADMN topic, for complete instructions.

See Answer: Changing Court Staff's Access to SCOMIS

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