What do I need to do in JIS when a person leaves court employment?

Instructions on the required tasks are located in the JIS Online Manual, Security and Official/Organization topics and a security processes flowchart is available attached to the bottom of this answer.  Below is a list of the required steps, which should be completed in order, along with links to each specific tasks' manual page.    

1.  End-date the user's Official (OFO) record

2.  Delete the user's JIS security using the ATHD command

  • See the Authorization Delete (ATHD) screen page of the JIS Online Manual for instructions and a demonstration of the JIS Authority delete process.

3.  Delete the user's user ID (RACF ID) using the RACFADMN utility application

4. Submit a request to delete the user's DIAS access at DOL.

  • If the user had access to DOL's DIAS application, you must request the access be removed for that person by contacting DOL's Data Services department at 360-902-3708.  

If you have any questions, please contact AOC's Customer Services by submitting a question using the eService Center and logging in and selecting "New Support Ticket" Topics: Password Reset, Printer, Computer Access, and Equipment or by calling 1-800-442-2169, and select Option 1. 

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Click attachment at the bottom of this page to download the Security Processes Flowchart