Why is the accident fee in the court rules (IRLJ 6.2) different than the accident cost fee code implemented in JIS?

IRLJ6.2(d) does not specify the amount of the accident fee; it only specifies the base penalty that should be used when a Rules of the Road violation involves an accident. The penalty schedule provided to law enforcement lists a total of $196 (as of January 1, 2023) for a Rules of the Road violation with an accident.

When the court files this case on the Non-Civil Case (NCCA) screen, a Y is entered in the accident field and $196 is entered as the total amount due.  The system then breaks down that amount into potential revenue categories on the Create A/R (CAR) screen.

The accident fee used in JIS is Cost Fee Code ACD and the amount is $51 (as of January 1, 2023).  This fee is derived as follows:

Accident Fee Calculation

Base Penalty for an accident-related violation of the Rules of the Road law ($73) plus the PSEA assessments for the violation as specified in IRLJ 6.2(d) (77$).


Add $24 Legislative Assessment




Add $5 Trauma Fee


Add Auto Theft Prevention


Add Traumatic Brain Injury Fee


Add DOL Technology Account (included in JTR)


Total Infraction Penalty


The Create AR (CAR) screen designates $69 to the JIS/Trauma account, $24 to the Legislative Assessment account, and $52 to the specific RCW (the amount that would normally go to the RCW if no accident was involved).


The remainder is the amount of the Accident Fee that is included on the Create A/R (CAR) screen.


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