When using my browser, I am repeatedly directed to a Web site that I have not selected as my default.  When I change the home location in Tools\Internet Options, the change is saved for a short time but resets to the undesired page.  What should I do now?

The PC has probably acquired malware.  Malware is a parasite program that tags along with a valid program download.  This program is not recognized as a virus and can therefore become installed on a PC.  It will perform tasks that are not in the best interest of a computer user, such as redirecting to a specific Web site, displaying pornographic material, or tracking user information and usage.  These applications are not seen as problems (by virus-scanners), nor can they be removed by the virus scanners on the market today.

Run a scan on your PC and remove the malware with an application called Ad-aware. Ad-Aware is available as freeware (at no cost for usage) from http://www.panicware.com.

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