How do I use JIS to start reconciling my bank statement?  I have not balanced to BKR in years.

If your court has not moved its bank reconciliation process to JIS, use one of the two procedures described in the JIS Online Manual, Moving Your Bank Account Reconciliation Process to JIS topic on the BKR: Reconciling a Bank Statement page.

  • If your court has pre-JIS outstanding items that have not cleared the bank, use Procedure 1 for reconciling your bank account.
  • If your court no longer has any pre-JIS outstanding items and wants to start using the Bank Account Reconciliation (BKR) screen without having to reconcile all intervening monthly statements, use Procedure 2 for reconciling your bank statements to JIS.

You may also want to refer to these topics in the JIS Online Manual:

Online tutorials for the Bank Reconciliation process and Check Register functions are located on the JIS Online Education at Help Courts Web site. 

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