How do I clear a Natural error in JIS?  What causes these errors? 

Natural is a programming language.  Natural errors occur when the program detects corrupt data or an error in logic.  Whatever you were doing at the time the error was detected did not get completed. There are two types of Natural errors:  one type must be fixed by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the other can be cleared by the court. Examples of each type are given below.

The Natural error illustrated below can be cleared by the court:

Natural Error client can fix

To clear this error:

  1. Press the Pause/Break key (located on the upper right of the keyboard).
    Result: You get a blank screen.
  2. Type logoff and press ENTER.
    Result: The screen returns to the TPX menu.
  3. Restart the application before continuing with your task.

A Natural error screen sample showing an error the AOC must fix is illustrated below:

Natural Error that AOC must fix

If you receive this type of error, please do the following to help the AOC Customer Support assist you:

  1. Create and save a copy of the screen image that displays the error (See Answer: How do I make a copy of a screen image and save it so I can attach it to an Incident? ).
  2. Use eService Center and select Topic 1. Computer Equipment/Security/Access.
  3. In the Question box, describe the computer task you were doing when the error occurred.
  4. From the Attach Documents to Question or Request area, click Browse and locate the screen image of the error you saved in Step 1.
  5. Click the Click to Add Attachment button.
  6. Click the Submit to AOC button.

The data or program error may need to be corrected by programming staff before you can complete the task you were performing. The screen image will be useful to the programmer in diagnosing and correcting the error condition.

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