What is the Web publication schedule for the superior court Caseload Report? How should I use the year-end caseload reports provided by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in preparation for the annual report publication?

For superior courts, monthly runs of the Caseload Report are scheduled for the third Tuesday following the end of the month being reported. Each monthly run is a "snapshot" of statistically counted events. A Monthly Caseload Report is automatically routed to each court's print domain, and the reports are published on the Washington Courts Website Caseloads of the Courts of Washington page. In addition, the published year-to-date figures are updated on the Washington Courts Website.

For criminal and juvenile offender cases, statistically counted data includes:

  • Cases Filed
  • Proceedings Held
  • Issues Resolved
  • Cases Completed
  • Sentences Recorded

For all other cases, statistically counted data includes all of the above EXCEPT Sentences Recorded.

In January of each year, county clerks are notified by e-mail that any changes to statistically reported case data for the prior year must be made before January 31, if they want those changes to be reflected in the annual report. Such changes are reflected in the annual caseload totals only if a court manually prepares a new report for a previously reported month. The most recent "snapshot" replaces the prior version for that court/county for that month and is used in compiling the annual report.

A rerun of each month's report is also routed to each court's print domain. Courts have the opportunity to update statistically reported case data prior to January 31, but they must also manually prepare a Monthly Caseload Report for any month in which data was changed, as described above.

On January 31, courts are locked out of the ability to prepare a manual Caseload Report for the previous year and a final rerun of each month is done. This final run is the basis for the Annual Caseload Report. No Superior Court caseload reporting revisions can be made for a reporting year after that January 31 deadline.

See also the Court Resources/Caseload page of the Inside Courts Website

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