I have submitted a report, but it is not in my print domain. How do I check on my report?

Please do not resubmit the report. Reports do not appear in the print menu until they have processed in the AOC mainframe. On occasion, reports are waiting to process due to a high volume of submissions or the AOC mainframe could be experiencing problems. Resubmitting the report will compound the problem.

Another possible reason you may not see your report would be if you submitted the report while logged in as a different user type than the one your RACF ID is associated with.* For example, if you have JIS logins for AM (Administrator) as well as for AC (Accountant), only ONE login should have a RACF ID associated with it on the Authorization (ATH) screen. If your AM record, for example, has your RACF ID on the ATH screen, but you submit a report while logged in with your AC record, the submitted report goes to a domain that is inaccessible by court staff. In this case, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Customer Services can retrive the report for you.

If you submitted a report that should have appeared in your court's print domain by now but is not there, please contact AOC Customer Services. They can check on the status of the report you submitted or locate it if it was routed to an inaccessible Print Domain. Use eService Center and select Topic: Computer/Printer/Security/Access. In the Question Data area, enter the name of the report you submitted and the date and approximate time you submitted it. Or, call (800) 442-2169, Option 1 to request a status check of your report.

* Please note:
A SCOMIS user who has his/her RACF ID associated with MORE THAN ONE user authorization record will experience a "More than one record found" failure when attempting to use the SCOMIS sealed-case security look-up.

RN id: 364