Can a revoked JIS/JCS/Odyssey (RACF) password be reset?

An administrator (AM-type user) in the court can reset another court user's JIS/JCS/Odyssey (RACF ID) password if it is revoked or expired.  Administrators can only reset passwords for users in their own court.  The RACFADMN utility function is used for this purpose.

  • See the JIS Online Manual, Security - RACFADMN  topic for complete instructions and a demonstration of how to reset a RACF ID Password.

If a court user has previously registered for the Password Self-Reset utility, they can reset their own sign-on password from the Inside Courts web site on the Password Reset page. 

See also:

  •  Answer id 596 Resetting my JIS/JCS/Odyssey (RACF ID) password for instructions on using the Password Self-Reset utility.
  • JIS Online Manual: JIS Signon, Navigation, and Sign-off section "Password Self-Reset Utility."

NOTE:  Individual users CANNOT self-reset their JIS Main Menu (MAM)/JABS password if it revoked by using the Password Self-Reset utility mentioned above.  To reset a revoked or forgotten JIS Main Menu password and/or Cashier ID, an administrator (AM-type user) must use the Authorization Modify (ATH) screen.

Users can reset expired JIS Main Menu (MAM)/JABS password themselves on the MAM screen, but only if they know their expired password.

 RN id 358