When indexing pre-SCOMIS cases, can they be back-dated and filed with minimal information?  What is the minimum amount of information required to file a pre-SCOMIS case?

To file an old case in SCOMIS so that the litigant names are included in the county's SCOMIS index, use the Add Case command with a properly formatted non-SCOMIS case number.  Entries need to be made only on the Basic and Names screens in order for the old case to be indexed.  For an old criminal or juvenile offender case, entries should also be made on the Charge screen.

On the Basic screen, the following information is required:  Filing Date (use the case's original filing date), Title, and Cause

On the Names screen, enter connection codes and name information for the litigants in the old case.  Attorney connections and name information are not included in the Index.

On the Charge screen for an old criminal or juvenile offender case, enter the charges from the original information. 

Note that no pre-SCOMIS cases are listed in JIS on the Defendant Case History (DCH) or Individual Case History (ICH) screens.

The online SCOMIS Manual, Pre-SCOMIS Case topic, includes detailed information on filing and processing these old cases.

RN id: 347