How do I process a case that cannot be deleted?

The Case Filing Delete (NCCD) function is available, for those with proper security, when a case needs to be deleted. However, certain actions on a case will stop the NCCD process and cannot be resolved:

  • Accounting transactions - any creating of an account or receipting.
  • FTA actions - ordered and issued FTAs even if canceled or adjudicated.
  • Warrant activity - ordered and issued warrants even if cleared.
  • Protection orders - active or inactive orders.

To remove a case from a person's record, it is recommended the case be transferred to your court's "Filed in Error" record using the Case/Person Change (NPC) Process. Most courts already have a specific IN-Type person record created. For example: Filed in error, Eastside District Court IN 123 45678. 

The Filed in Error process requires changing the case number, dismissing charges, removing accounts receivables, warrants and protections orders then closing the file. In addition, some cases may need to be refiled correctly and fully reprocess all actions on the case.  Checklist and instructions for the full Filed in Error process is attached to the bottom of this answer.

PLEASE NOTE: This process should not be done on eTicket cases if at all possible.  If a duplicate filing exists, the one that is not connected to the eTicket (doesn't have the docket entry with the electronically filed date) should be the one that is changed to "Filed in Error."  Moving an eTicket case to "Filed in Error" means that the other case is now going to have to be processed manually, rather than electronically, and the ticket image will not be available in JABS or ETP under the original case number.  Also, on Infractions, the eTicket will be eligible for the destruction process 5 years from the date the case is moved to "Filed in Error" and closed, even if the duplicate matter is still open.  

If you have to do "Filed in Error" on an eTicket filing, please note in the new case that the disposition will need to be sent manually to DOL and it is recommended that a copy of the ticket image is saved for possible future use.

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