How does LFO billing interact with collections?

  • LFO billing does not impact JIS delinquent collections processing.
  • When a case is selected on the Case Obligation Status (COS) screen for JIS delinquent collections processing, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) continues preparing monthly LFO billing statements for that case until the case is assigned to a collection agent (Collection Status = A).

    Note:  To stop LFO billing for cases in collection status S, 1, 2, 3, or N, type N (no bill) in the LFO Override field at the bottom of the COS screen.
  • Use of COS for LFO billing control does NOT force courts to use other JIS collections functions.
  • For LFO billing to occur, the court's Case Type Options Screen (CTO) must be set to Y (yes) for case type S1 (i.e., case type 1).  The AOC made this change for all superior courts that had not made the change already.

For more information, see the LFO Billing and Delinquent Collections processing section in the JIS Online Manual.

RN id: 335