How do I indicate that an address is bad in the Judicial Information System (JIS)?

When mail is returned, the court may be unable to find a better address immediately.  On the Address History Screen (ADH) for the person, enter a status code for "bad address" on the current mailing address. 

The Status Code indicates the reason the address is bad but leaves it as an active address.  The Status Code also alerts other courts that the current mailing address is not valid and halts LFO Billing for superior court adult offender cases for that person.

  1. Type ADH in the Command field, a name or partial name in the Name field, and a Name Type code in the first part of the Name Code Field.
  2. Press Enter.
    Result:   The Search Name Duplicate (SND) screen displays if the Name Code type is IN or CV.
  3. Select the desired person or official/organization by typing X in the selection field preceding the desired name.
  4. Press Enter.
    Result: The Address History (ADH) screen displays.
  5. With the cursor on the SC field, press F1 to view a list of available codes.  Then press F3 to exit Help.
  6. Type the appropriate address status code in the SC field.
  7. Press Enter.

    Result: The current mailing address remains active but displays the reason the address is bad. This status also displays on the Individual Information (PER) screen at the end of the Address Last Updated line.

When the correct address has been identified, enter a new mailing address for the person.

  1. Access the Address History (ADH) screen for the person.
  2. In the blank address block at the top of the screen, type MAI in the Type field.
  3. Complete the Addr, City, State, and Zip fields.
  4. Verify/Type the country code in the Cy field.
  5. Leave the county (Co) field blank.  Note: If the city entered for the address is associated with multiple counties, the county code may be entered manually.
  6. Type the appropriate address status code that indicates the reason for the change in the SC field.
  7. Press Enter.
    The new mailing address appears at the beginning of the address list. The previous mailing address is automatically inactivated (i.e., current date is entered in the End field) and displays immediately following all active addresses. The address on the Individual Information (PER) screen is changed to the new address.

For more information, see:

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