Are the Judges' Benchbooks online?  Can our judge get an additional copy on CD or in hard copy?

All but the Superior Court Civil Procedures Benchbook are online on the Judges' Resources/Benchbooks page of the Inside Courts Web site. 

All new judges receive a packet from the Court Services unit at the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).  The packet includes a CD containing all the Benchbooks. If a judge wants a hard copy of the Benchbooks, the court may print a copy from the CD.

AOC no longer provides Benchbooks in hard copy (unless it is a new benchbook or has been significantly updated). If you need a CD of the Benchbooks (or a binder for a printed hard copy), please use eService Center and select Topic 9. All Other Topics. Enter your request in the Question Data area, then click Submit to AOC (Step 1 of 2) and Finish Submitting (Step 2 of 2).


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