What is the limit for adding Violations (VIO) counts on a Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (CLJ) criminal or infraction case?

The system is set to a maximum of 20 violation counts on a criminal or infraction case.  While the Non-Civil Case Filing (NCCA/NCC) screens can accept only the first 3 violations, the Additional Violation (VIO) screen can accept up to the maximum of 20.

For a case with more than 20 violations:

  1. File the case with the first 10 violation counts.  This will allow for possible amendment of charges on the Plea/Sentence (PLS) screen.  Refer to the JIS Online Manual Non-Civil Case Filing topic for detailed instructions.
  2. File a companion case with the next 10 violation counts.  Use a case number scheme that clearly associates the cases (e.g., C-123 and C-123A).
  3. If necessary, file a third companion case with the next 10 violations.
  4. Be sure the defendants and case filing dates in all companion cases are identical.
  5. Make a note line entry on each case to reference the other companion case(s).

For more information, refer to the JIS Online Manual, Additional Violations and Case Filing & Processing (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction) topics.

RN id: 278