What happens to the LFO billing if the obligor is in prison on a different case (Superior Courts only)?

If an obligor is in prison, the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) takes responsibility for collecting on all the obligor's superior court cases.  The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) does not send statements to obligors who are in prison.

Note:  The DOC supervision is case based.  The DOC prepares statements only for those cases that are under DOC supervision.  If DOC is supervising a case for an obligor who is not in prison, DOC will send billings for that case.  However, if that obligor has other cases that are not under DOC supervision, DOC will not prepare statements for those cases.  AOC must bill these cases.

Example:  If an obligor is under DOC supervision for two cases, but the DOC is not involved in supervision of the obligor's other adult offender cases, the DOC sends statements only for the two DOC supervised cases.  The DOC sends statements for the obligor's cases that are not under DOC supervision if they meet other conditions described in the JIS Online manual under LFO Billing Procedures.

RN id: 263