Has there been a change to the way reports and receipts route to the printers?

Yes. From January 2004 through February 2004, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) made a program change that affects the routing of reports and receipts to the AOC mainframe printers. This change will affect receipt printers and report printers for courts of limited jurisdiction (CLJs), and report printers only for superior courts.

This change does NOT affect the JRS receipting printers for superior courts, nor does it affect the ACORDS application for the court of appeals.

If you experience problems while printing, the AOC recommends that you do NOT turn the power off to the printer or to the print server. Please leave the power on and contact the AOC Customer Services and select Topic: Computer/Printer/Security/Access, or call (800) 442-2169, Option 1 for assistance.

For information on how to request a report be routed to a different print domain see Answer: Change routing to a different print domain.

RN id: 247