I used to be able to generate letters from ACORDS.  Now all of a sudden, my letters are not generating. What do I do?

ACORDS letters are launched via the browser in a separate window and made available in MS Word® for templates and editing.  Three browser-related items can disable ACORDS letter functionality.

  1. New browser software might be loaded on your PC and the new software is incompatible with ACORDS.  Uninstalling the new browser software and reinstalling the old software or installing some other compatible browser software should return letter functionality.
  2. Changes to browser settings might have resulted in incompatibility between the browser and ACORDS.  Returning to the previous settings should return letter functionality.  (Note:  uninstalling and reinstalling the browser brings back default settings.)
  3. The browser cache of temporary Internet files may be too large to allow more temporary Internet files to be added.  Go to the browser PROPERTIES feature and delete all temporary Internet files.

Software incompatibility can also disable ACORDS letter functionality.  Pop-up-stopper software interferes with ACORDS letters.  Either turn the software "off" while working in ACORDS or uninstall the software.


If you need assistance with any of the above solutions, you can contact your LAN administrator or the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, Customer Services or call (800) 442-2169, Option 1.


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