How does a name search in the Judicial Information System (JIS) work when using the middle name or initial on the Search Name Duplicate (SND) screen in an alpha search?

Using the alpha search option on the SND screen, including a middle name or initial in the search criteria, results in the following order:

  1. Names matching any PIN used in the search criteria.  PINs include the driver's license or identicard number, the DOC number, the JUV number, or the SID number.

  2. Names exactly matching the search name.

  3. Non-exact name matches are listed last.  A non-exact name match ignores the middle name or initial, but does consider the first and last name.

For example, if JIS is searched using Jones, Douglas Michael, the resulting SND screen will display Jones, Douglas Michael as well as Jones, Douglas.

To broaden search results, change the search type from A (Alpha) to P (Phonetic).  For example:

 Search Criteria Results

Jones, Doug Michael

SID #1234567

1.  Smith, Mike  SID #1234567

2.  Jones, Doug Michael

3.  Jones, Douglas

Note:  The middle name or initial is still required for searching in DOL if a new person record must be added.

See also:  Person Business Rule 5.0 Spelling Names in the Online Manual.


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