How do I add a victim in a Domestic Violence assault case after the person has already been entered as the Payer (PYR)?

This answer addresses two possibilities.  Use the first example if the case has already been filed.  Use the second example as if the case has not yet been filed.

If the Case Has Already Been Filed

When the case has ALREADY been filed and bail posted by a Payer (PYR), and it is LATER discovered that the Victim (VCT) is the SAME person as the PYR, do the following:

  1. Create a new Person record for the victim, containing all the personal identifiers such as driver's license, date of birth etc.  Make a note of the name code.  
  2. (See Person Business Rule 1.40 under Person Business Rule 1.00 Types of Person, Causes and Referrals in JIS Person Database.) 
  3. Use the Case Participant Add screen (CSPA) to add the victim to the case (using the new IN number).
  4. Create an AKA link. Use the victim's new IN number as the true name and the existing PYR's IN number as the AKA.

Note: You can also follow this procedure if a Restitution Recipient is added to the case who is later found to be the victim. The victim name will be the True name; the second name (AKA) is the Restitution Recipient.

If the Case Has NOT Yet Been Filed

When you know BEFORE filing the case that the victim is also the payer, do the following:

  1. File the case and add the Victim (VCT) FIRST before posting the bail.
  2. When posting bail on the Post Bail Bond screen (PBB), enter party/sequence VCT01 for the payer.

RN id: 177