My local law enforcement agency picked up a person on warrant from another court and the person posted bail. The arresting agency turned over the bail to my court. How do I handle this money on behalf of another court's case?

The procedure to post bail received by your court on behalf of another court is as follows:

  1. Receipt the bail money as a non-case related item on the Misc Payments (MSP) screen using the Fee Code UM (Unidentified money) and the name of the person as the payor.  Be sure to access the MSP screen without a case number to receipt this non-case money. This MSP receipt creates a payable in the Misc Trust category. 
  2. Do your end-of day processing as usual and include this money in your deposit.
  3. Use the Defendant Case History (DCH) screen to determine which court owns the case that issued the warrant for this person.  You may want to call that court to verify their mailing address.
  4. Use the Payable Update (PUP) screen to redirect this payable to the owning court.  Again, be sure to access the PUP screen without a case number.  You can use the owning court's name code (e.g., CT  EDC) and the adjustment reason PC (AP redirected, court ordered). 
  5. Use the Check on Demand (CKD) screen to issue a manual check to the owning court.  If the original amount was a check, be sure to wait long enough for the check to clear before you write the check to the owning court.

These transactions will appear on the Accounts Payable Adjustment Audit Report so you may want to keep screen prints as back-up documentation. 

RN id: 124