My printer is broken.  What is the procedure for having it serviced?

If a part on the printer is broken (and the printer is not merely frozen) or your printer will not turn on, your printer will need to be serviced.  If your printer is owned by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), the AOC will place the service call and pay for the service.  If the printer is court owned, your court is responsible for the maintenance. You can determine if the printer is state owned by looking for the State ID Tag, which will be placed in a prominent place on your printer.

The ID Tag looks similar to this:

In this example, the ID Number that AOC needs is "D067357."  If there is no State ID Tag, the court will be billed for the service call.

Please go to the eService Center and submit a ticket to request a service call. If the printer is state owned, please be sure to include the ID number with your request. As soon as your request is received, the AOC will submit a request for service to Cascade Computer Maintenance.

Thank you for reporting your printer problem.

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