Why does it take so long for an answer to display?

Everyone requesting information from the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) eService Center uses the server through the AOC and the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) firewalls.  This routing normally takes only a fraction of a second.  There are two major reasons for delays users experience with any Internet application:

  • The user's own computer network may use a proxy server, which requires extra time to validate each user requesting Internet access.  For example, many of the county systems in Washington use proxy servers.
  • The Internet in general experiences peaks in usage and also delays as each server in the communication network executes virus checks.

If you consistently experience long delays in accessing the eService Center and/or your access times out due to a long delay, please report this to the AOC Customer Services from Ask a Question and select Topic 1. Computer/Printer/Access/Security, or call (800) 442-2169, Option 1.  There may be a way the AOC can work with your local Information Technology (IT) department to speed up your access.

RN ID: 162   |    Published 11/07/2003 11:09 AM   |    Updated 06/02/2020 09:54 AM