How do I contact the AOC's Customer Services?

Customer Services hours for the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except legal holidaysAuthorized Court staff may call (800) 442-2169.

There are three ways for authorized staff to contact the AOC Customer Services:

  1. Use the online New Support Ticket to submit an e-mail question or request at the eService Center or at Your court email address will auto populate. Select from the Topic list to automatically enter your request into AOC's tracking system and route it to the correct unit.

    To expedite the results from AOC Customer Services, we ask that you include as much detail as possible, without including confidential information. You may enter an unlimited message and attach document(s) to your request by clicking the +Attach a file button under the Description of Issue text box.
    • Include Case #, IN #, JUV #, Referral #, and/or the Detention Episode # you are working with.
    • Identify if one or all court staff are experiencing the reported problem, i.e.; system appears to be down, only one staff is having a problem or is receiving an error, or if the problem is random or persistent.
    • For and isolated occurrence, attaching a full screen capture of the error is necessary:
      • Press Ctrl + PrtScn to copy the full screen image showing the error condition.
      • Open or toggle to Word and press Ctrl + V, to paste the screen image into Word.
      • Save the new Word document containing the image to a known location on your computer or network.
      • Under the Attach a file, click to Browse your computer. Locate the Word file you just saved on your computer or network and click Open. The document will now be visible on your Support Ticket above the +Attach a file.
    • In the Description area, provide the sequence of events leading to the problem you are reporting; i.e., screen name, tab or specific selections. Report what you expected and what you observed actually happen. Steps to reproduce. 
    • Review the suggested answers presented in the right hand side titled: Related articles; if none of them address the problem or question you are reporting, Click Submit.
  2. Send an e-mail message to: Customer.Services@courts.wa.govor 
  3. Authorized Court staff may call (800) 442-2169. When calling, you will be asked to select from the following six options to forward your call to the appropriate unit:
  • Equipment, Security, and System Access, Option 1.
  • JIS Court Accounting, Option 2.
  • JIS Case Management/Data Warehouse/BIT/Juvenile and Correction System queries, Option 3.
  • Odyssey Case Management/Financial & Accounting, Option 4.
  • Appellate Case Management/ACORDS/OnBase, Option 5.
  • Urgent Odyssey Financial Line, Option 6.

Please note that the Data Warehouse/BIT queries are only available by submitting a ticket through the eService Center.  

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