How can my court start using the Plain Paper Print application to print warrants?


The Plain Paper Print application allows courts to print warrants on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper instead of the multi-part, pre-printed forms currently used by the courts of limited jurisdiction.  In order to use the new plain paper option, the courts must go through an on-boarding process through the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to get their court set up on the new process.

The on-boarding process consists of four steps:

  1. Complete the initial on-boarding web form.  Click on the on-boarding link to open the web form.  When completed, the web form will automatically submit an eService Incident to AOC. An instructional document on how to complete the web form is attached at the bottom of this answer.
  2. AOC will review the submission.  The web forms will be reviewed by AOC to determine how the Plaintiffs for the court's jurisdictions will appear on the printed warrants.  They will document what the warrants will display for each jurisdiction for the court and send the results back to the court to review.
  3. Review the Plaintiff results for each jurisdiction. The court will need to review the list of their jurisdictions' Plaintiff results to verify they are listed correctly.  The court must reply to AOC to state whether the Plaintiff results are correct or need to be modified.  If modifications are needed, additional reviews will need to be done to verify that the modifications have corrected the Plaintiff results.
  4. The web-form, and any needed changes, will be submitted to AOC's Information Services Division (ISD) to complete the on-boarding settings for the court.  The court will be notified when the on-boarding settings are complete, and they can begin printing warrants using the Plain Paper Print application.

On-Boarding Web Form:  

For more information on using the Plain Paper Print application, please see eService Answer - Plain Print Warrants (CLJ) - Using the Application or review the Help files.  The attachment on this answer provides instructions to complete the forms.  Click the attachment below to open the Word document.

File Attachments: PDF document PPP-Warrants Onboarding Instructions.pdf (340.19 KB)


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