How do courts use the Plain Paper Print application for warrants?


The Plain Paper Print application allows courts to print warrants on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper instead of the multi-part, pre-printed forms currently used by the courts of limited jurisdiction. In order to use the plain paper option, the courts must go through an on-boarding process with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). See RN id 2330 - Plain Paper Print Warrants (CLJ) - Court Set Up for more information.

The functionality of warrants in the Judicial Information System (JIS) is still essentially the same with some added features:

  • Warrants are still ordered on the Warrant Order Screen (WRO)
  • The option to add comments to the warrant and/or docket will be available on the WRO screen, if allowed by the court
  • Judge's initials entered on the WRO Screen will print on the warrant with the appropriate title as defined on the Official Sub-Type on the Official and Organization Person Records (OFO) (i.e. Pro tem, Presiding Judge, Commissioner)
  • Preparing warrants is still initiated on the Warrant Reports/Management Screen (WRS)
  • Once the warrants are prepared, they will be available to print through the Plain Paper Print application. Accessing the application is done in either the Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) or Electronic Ticket Processing applications

The greatest enhancements come with the printing options in the Plain Paper Print application:

  • The application provides the ability to specify Printing Options to include the number of copies needed and the sort order.  It also allows the user to limit the search criteria to identify which warrants are to be printed. Additional options are available to Select Warrants to Print from the entered search criteria.
  • Warrants display as a batch or individual PDF file format for easy printing and saving.

RN id 2401