How do I change or reinstate an officer's badge number?  Can I reassign a badge number from one officer to another?  Why can't I remove the end effective date from an officer's OFO record?

For detailed instructions on changing, reassigning, and reinstating officer badge numbers, please see the instructions below, including links to appropriate sub-topics from the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (COURTS OF LIMITED JURISDICTION) section of the Online Manual:

Changing a Badge Number (to a number never used before)

1.  First verify that the newly-assigned badge number is not currently assigned to another officer.  (To request a printed copy of your court's Officer List, please use New Support Ticket.

2.  If the number is NOT currently in use, use the OFO (Official/Organization Update) command to display the officer's record TO WHOM you want to assign the new badge number.  Type the new badge number over the existing badge number and press <ENTER>.

Result: All cases associated with the officer are assigned to the updated badge number.

See the Online Manual topic: To change an officer's badge number (number never used before).

Changing (or Reassigning) a Badge Number (to a number used before)

If one or more badge numbers are being reassigned to other officer(s):

1.  First confirm that ALL numbers in question are currently showing as ACTIVE numbers in JIS.  (That is, confirm no badge numbers have been end-effective dated.)   (To request a printed copy of your court's Officer List, please use Ask a Question.

2.  Use the OFO command to access the record for each officer who will be assigned a new or re-assigned badge number AND CHANGE each officer's existing badge number to a TEMPORARY number (such as from 00123 to 0012*).

Result:  All cases associated to the officer are assigned to the temporary badge number.

3.  Go back into the OFO record for each officer again and change the temporary number to the new or newly-assigned badge number (such as from 0012* to 00456).

Result: All cases that were re-assigned to the temporary number for the individual officer are assigned to the new badge number, without any duplicate records being created.

See the Online Manual topic: To change an officer’s badge number (number used before).

Reinstating a Badge Number

When an officer is removed (end effective dated) from the system (see the Online Manual topic: Remove a Law Enforcement Officer), JIS automatically creates and assigns a temporary badge number in place of the officer's existing badge number. 

To re-instate an officer’s record in the system, you will need to search for the OFO record for the officer by name instead of by badge number, because the previous badge number no longer exists:

1.  Go into the OFO record for the officer whom you have located by name.


  • Change the system-generated badge number to the newly assigned or re-instated badge number provided by the police department.
  • Remove the End Effective Date.

3.  NOW press <ENTER>.

Result:  The officer’s OFO record shows as Active in JIS.

Note:  In Step 2 above, if you change the officer’s badge number and press <ENTER> WITHOUT HAVING FIRST REMOVED THE END EFFECTIVE DATE, you will NOT be able to go back into the record and remove the End Effective Date without changing the badge number again.  If this occurs, change the badge number back to a temporary number, then go back in and change it to the correct number and remove the date.

See the Online Manual topic: Reinstate a Removed Law Enforcement Officer.

Removing a Law Enforcement Officer

See the Online Manual topic: Remove a Law Enforcement Officer.

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