Are cost fee codes available for receipting payments from photo enforcement vendors for construction zone photo violations?

Yes.  New cost fee codes were added in June 2008 for receipting payments for construction zone photo enforcement violations. Use these new codes when the cases have been filed ONLY in the photo enforcement vendor's computer system and not filed in JIS

 Important Note:
 If the cases have been filed by the court in JIS, the regular parking receipting screens (PTP and PBP) should be used for receipting all payments.  Each case will be updated with payment information.  Do not use the new codes discussed in this answer if the cases are filed in JIS.

In the 2007 budget appropriations for the Department of Transportation (ESHB 1094, Section 220) , the Washington State Legislature funded a two-year pilot for the Washington State Patrol to issue infractions in selected state highway construction zones when workers were present. 

These infractions would be issued based on information from automated traffic safety cameras in the construction zones and processed in the same manner as parking infractions.  The amount of the fine issued for these infractions was set at $137.00.  The revenue was specified to be split so that $32.00 of the fine would be remitted to the State Patrol Highway Account and the court would retain the remainder. 

The new cost fee codes and BARS codes were added to provide the revenue split designated by the legislature.  They also improve the accounting controls and tracking of revenue between the photo enforcement vendor and the court. 

Payment Types
There are two types of payments to process in JIS when the cases are filed only in the vendor's computer system:

  1. Payments received from defendants by the court, perhaps after a hearing.
    1. The payments will be part of the court's physical bank deposit for the day.
  2. Payments deposited by the vendor directly into the court's bank account. 
    1. This is usually a daily electronic transfer for payments on many cases.
    2. The vendor provides the court with a detailed deposit/payment advice report. 

Receipting Procedures
The Receipt Miscellaneous Payments (MSP) screen is used to receipt both payment types.  Be sure to erase any leftover case number in the navigator line so the receipt will be "non-case related." 

  • For payments received from defendants by the court, use the cost fee code "CZ1-Construction Zone Photo Violations." 
    1. To keep the case up to date in the vendor's computer system, the payment made at the court would also need to be recorded in the vendor's computer system. 
  • For payments deposited by the vendor directly into the court's bank account, use the cost fee code "CZ2-Construction Zone Photo Vendor Payment."
    1. It is suggested that the receipt be stapled to the vendor's advice report for easy reference if corrections need to be made later.

The receipts will be listed on the Cashier's Report for the staff person who performed the receipt.  Also, the new cost fee codes have unique BARS codes in the "354-Parking" series:  CZ1=354.00.50 and CZ2=354.00.51.  They will be listed separately on the Remittance Summary Report.  Also, a Ledger Detail Report could be submitted for the BARS codes for research purposes if needed. 

Refer to the following JIS Codes Manual documentation:  Cost Fee Codes, BARS Codes, and County Department Cross Reference Codes (DCXT).

In the JIS Online Manual, the Direct Deposit Transaction Processing (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction) section provides details on end-of-day processing and keeping direct deposit transactions separate from deposits made by the court.

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