How does the Destruction of Records Process impact courts that have consolidated?

In most court consolidations, all cases in the closed court are closed in JIS and re-filed in the new court.  The docket code @TRA - Case transferred from (Court ID) previous docket entries exist is used on the case when it is filed in the new court, rather than recreate all prior docket entries.

Due to the Destruction of Records process, some of those cases will be purged from JIS 5 years after the case was closed in the old court.  If the case remains open in the new court at the time the original case is purged, the court will no longer have access to the previous docket entries.

At this time, only Infractions (including Parking), Small Claims, and some Civil matters will be purged from JIS, so there may not be a problem with the old case record purging from JIS.  However, if the new court wants to keep a copy of the previous docket from the old court that will need to be done prior to the destruction of records process being run.

Courts have two options:

  1. When doing a court consolidation, order the docket report on every case as it is closed using the Print Docket option on the Case Disposition (CSD) screen. 
  2. Prior to the destruction of records process purging the JIS record, order the docket report on every case that remains open in the new court. *

Copies of the dockets can either be printed or kept electronically for future use if needed.

*One court user in the new court would need security in the old court in order for this option to be viable.  If no one has security in the closed court a Manage User ID form can be submitted to request temporary access be granted to one user. Document in the "Comments" field why the security is being requested and how long it will be needed.


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