Can I access JIS from a computer outside of the court?  Occasionally I need to access JIS from home or another remote location.

Yes, you can access JIS from computers outside of your court from the Washington Courts Web site using your RACF ID (the same Mainframe User ID that you use to log into JIS from your court).  You do not need Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, but you will need to download and install a small program called BlueZone.  It is free of viruses and spyware.  BlueZone installation is included in the steps below: 

1.  From any computer with Internet access, using Edge, click on the provided Access BlueZone link within this eService Answer.  Upon selecting the Access BlueZone link, the following page will display:

2. From the launch page you will have the ability to download the BlueZone application if selecting via application and/or select via browser settings, you will land on the Access JIS-Link via Browser and select: Click HERE to access Legacy JIS via browser

If this is the first time you have accessed JIS via BlueZone, a free copy of BlueZone will automatically be downloaded to your computer when you follow the on-screen instructions to Click here to continue accessing JIS-Link via BlueZone.  On subsequent visits, this link will open the mainframe screen directly without downloading BlueZone.

3.  As soon as the small download has completed, the AOC mainframe logon screen displays.

4.  Log in normally with your Mainframe User ID and Password.

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