What codes are available for adding a Sealed Will Repository case in SCOMIS?


As of August 21, 2006, the following new SCOMIS codes are available to enable filing wills under seal before a testator's death, as authorized by RCW 11.12.265:


 Type of Code

  New Code


Case Type 4 Cause Code


Sealed Will Repository

Case Type 4 Connection Code



Docket Code


Will Repository Cover Sheet

Docket Code


Motion/Declaration to Withdraw Will

Docket Code


Order Authorizing Withdrawal of Will


The $20 fee for Sealed Will Repository filings can be receipted under JRS Transaction Code 1211 (Fee--Will Repository).


Note: When a case with cause SWR is first added to SCOMIS, it is automatically sealed with limited access as soon as the BASIC screen is saved. This means that a clerk with security for limited access sealed cases should be adding Sealed Will Repository cases(s).  If a clerk who does not have this security tries to use the ADD CASE command to file a Sealed Will Repository case, s/he will not be able to finish filing the case, because access will be denied to the NAMES and DOCKET screens for that case.


If a clerk without security tries to add an SWR case, a message displays after the BASIC screen is saved: "Case Sealed, Need Security to Proceed."  A clerk with security for limited access sealed cases can complete the case using the VERIFY CASE command.


A court may decide to file a separate case for each sealed will repository filing, or it may decide to file one case and then receipt and docket many sealed will repository filings within the one case.

See the following sections of the SCOMIS Code Manual:


A message about these changes was sent via ListServ to the County Clerks and Site Coordinators on August 16, 2006.


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