Why doesn't the case docket attorney show on cases viewed from a public access terminal?


Public access users are allowed to see only a limited set of participant-oriented docket entries.  The sensitive docket entries are:

  • docket code = '#000073' /*Add a participant docket entry.
  • docket code = '#000075' /*Represented by.
  • docket code = '#000076' /*Withdrawn as atty for.
  • docket code = '#000125' /*Deleted participant from case.
  • docket code = '#000180' /*NPC - Case person change.


The above docket entries can be seen by a public access user only for the following participant types:


  • DEF 


  • NEW 

(New Name).

  • OLD  

(Old Name).

  • PET  


  • PLA  


  • RSP  












These codes were established in 1997.

RN id: 1609