A defendant has successfully complied with the terms and conditions of sentence and now wishes to have his right to hunt/possess a firearm restored. What is the court's procedure?


Text in the shaded area below is the answer provided to the public on the eService Center at www.courts.wa.gov.


  • The Douglas County (Washington) Web site provides a page Restoring Your Right to Possess a Firearm, which contains instructions and links to required forms, additional resources, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Spokane County Superior Court provides instructions and forms under the heading Restoration of Gun Rights Packet, on the Criminal Court Forms page of its Web site. 
  • Each county in Washington State may have slightly different procedures, however, so you will want to check with the court in the county where your court case took place.  A Court Directory by County is located on the Washington State Court Directories page of the Washington Courts Web site.
       Please note:  Restoring your right to possess a firearm in the state of Washington does not necessarily restore your right to           possess a firearm under federal law. You should consult an attorney if you have questions regarding this issue.


Additional resources available to courts include:

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