Published 09/23/2011 03:00 PM   |    Updated 11/24/2021 02:42 PM
I've submitted a question to the Administrative Office of the Courts and got an e-mail saying the response is available.  How do I locate the response?

When a person submits a question to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) they must first log into their account  using their RACF ID.  The account tracks the questions submitted by that person and their court.  The responses are sent to that account within the eService Center page and an e-mail is sent to the person to notify them that a response is available for viewing.

To view a response, to update a question, or to cancel a question you must complete the following steps:

  • Click on the "My Stuff" tab above.
  • On the "Log in" page, enter your RACF ID.
  • Click <Log In>.
  • On the "My Stuff" page find your 'Questions' subsection. The 'Status' section will define if the question is still being worked on by AOC staff, or if a reply has been given to your question.
  • Click the underlined subject to open the question. 


A response to your question will appear in the center of the page, under the section titled 'Discussion Thread'. 


To update your question, type the additional information in the 'Update Your Question' section and click the <Submit> button. 

To cancel your question, change the 'Do you want a response' option from "Yes, please respond to my question" to "No, I don't need this question answered now" and click the <Submit> button.