What steps do I need to take when I find multiple JIS person records or juvenile numbers for the same person?

When you locate multiple JIS person records for the same individual, you need to determine if the records are actually for the same person.  If they are, you need to do one of the following in order to create one complete criminal history for that ONE human being:

  • Combine the records, or
  • Attach the records as AKA's (also known as).


Note:  Most courts restrict access for combining records to the Site Coordinator.  If you lack the required security to complete any or all of the required steps, please see your court's Site Coordinator.  Update Authority for the screens noted in Steps 9, 12, and 13 below can be assigned to court staff by the Administrator or Site Coordinator from the Authorization Overrides (ATHX) screen.

Following are the steps to complete this process.  The Worksheet document at the bottom of this answer follows these steps and is designed to aid you in resolving multiple person record issues:

  1. Using the Matching Rule 3.30 in the Person Business Rules Online Manual, confirm that there are enough Personal Identifiers to confirm the records in question are for the same person.
  2. Screen-print the different records so you can view/compare them one at a time.  This is recommended when you are dealing with multiple person records.
  3. Determine which person record (IN number) is the True Name record.  See the following Person Business Rules to aid you in your determination:
    1. Person Business Rule 1.20  - True Name
    2. Person Business Rule 1.30  - Definition of AKA (alias name).
    3. Person Business Rule 3.20 about the JIS True Name Match.
  4. If any of the Person Records have Personal Identification Numbers (PINs); such as Driver's License Numbers, SID Numbers, or DOC Numbers, see if these numbers match any of the PINs listed on the other Person Records.

    Note:  if there are multiple numbers 
    for the same type of PIN, check the Department of Licensing (DOL) or the Department of Corrections' (DOC) Offender Management Network Information (OMNI) system to see if DOL or the DOC have already combined their Person Records.
  5. The DOC may have a more recent address for the obligor than the JIS, especially if the DOC recently ended supervision of the case. Check the Offender Management Network Information (OMNI) system for the DOC address and update the JIS address as necessary. If OMNI is not available on your computer, follow the steps in eService Answer ID # 2109 - FORS/OBTS Mainframe Applications Convert to OMNI.
  6. Determine if the other record/s should be moved to the true name to consolidate the two records using the NPC (Case Person Change) command, or if they should be linked with the True Name using the AKA command.  See Person Business Rule 10 - Correcting JIS Person Records to aid you in your determination to consolidate the records or create an AKA link.
  7. Screen-print the ICH (Individual Case History) and the SNCI (Statewide Name Case Index) screens on the record/s that will be combined using NPC.
  8. Review the ICH and SNCI screen prints to see if there are any open cases for them in any other courts.  If so:
    1. Contact the Courts with open cases prior to doing an NPC, as a courtesy, so they know that you will be doing a consolidation of the records and confirm that their court allows Cross-court NPC on their cases.
    2. For any courts that do not allow Cross-court NPC access or for SMC (Seattle Municipal Court) cases, you must notify the court in writing that the records need to be consolidated and to which IN number (True Name) you are requesting they move their record.
    3. The affected court(s) will then be responsible for processing the NPC (or to upload the change if the record is from SMC).
  9. Any Person Record attached to one of these cases must * be temporarily attached as an AKA to the True Name, pending the changes to be made by the other courts.  (See Person Business Rules, Section 9 - Notifying Agencies of Person Changes and Identification Problems.)
  10. Use the NPC command for each case, referral, or episode that needs to be relocated to the True Name. (Update Authority to the NPC screen is required.)
  11. Use the AKA command for any person records that cannot be consolidated per the Person Business Rules, or for the person records that need to be temporarily linked.
  12. Use the SNCI and/or ICH commands to confirm all cases, referrals, or episodes are on the correct person record or linked as required.
  13. Use the Individual Information Delete (PERD) command for any records that have NO associated cases, referrals, or episodes. (Update Authority to the PERD screen is required.)
  14. If a Juvenile Number exists on a person record that is to be deleted, and no Juvenile Number is already assigned to the True Name Person Record, you will need to move the Juvenile Number to the True Name:

    1. In JIS, go to the JMOV (JUVIS Control Number Move) screen with the open person record that is to be deleted.
    2. Add the True Name person record in the blank “To Name Code” space.
    3. Press Enter.
    4. Press <F10> to confirm the move.

(Update authority to the JMOV screen is required.)

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